Empowering Ugandans

Sharing God's Love by Teaching Marketable Skills
to Transform Lives in
Northern Uganda, Africa.
"These ladies can now use sewing machines. Your support matters."

Provide Hope to Ugandans

Your support transforms the future of Northern Ugandans through job skills training and sharing the love of Jesus.
Just One Success Story:
Sandra- From Bricklayer to Seamstress

Sandra is a single mother who was hard at work in the hot sun mixing mortar, loading bricks, and pushing them in a wheelbarrow. The rest of the workers were men.

She was heartbroken.
Dreaming about learning to sew and starting a career in tailoring, she couldn't afford the fees common at schools in Uganda.

Sandra was not aware that classes are FREE through Empowering Ugandans.

Because of your support, students do not need to give anything except their best effort. They are even provided all the materials for projects and supplied food during a tea break.

We know you will enjoy the 90 second video that tells Sandra's story, including her happy ending. Because of your support, Sandra is currently a sewing student.

Change the Future for Ugandans by Providing Marketable Skills

The resources available at The Mission House provide life skills training and business plan development assistance, computer lessons and lab use, sewing lessons, and socialization.

Many Ugandans lack knowledge to support themselves and their families in the marketplace. Opportunities for advancement beyond agriculture are limited unless equipped with skills such as computer knowledge. War has also resulted in a broken worldview with a generation of men untrained for taking on roles as business owners and heads of healthy households.

This need calls for action. And you can make a difference!

Why Northern Uganda?

Your support brings hope for a brighter future.
Opportunity + Impact
Northern Uganda has seen decades of disease, upheaval, and strife resulting in a disruption of the economy and society. Attacks by rebel forces resulted in the killing of thousands. Twenty-five thousand children were abducted and turned into soldiers and sex slaves, and more than two million people were displaced. Also straining the resources of the region are the one million refugees who have fled from the adjacent country of South Sudan into Uganda; the vast majority of them are women and children.

Join our support team. Make a monetary gift to change the future a Ugandan.

Tell your friends about the powerful changes being made in the lives of Ugandans.


Visit Us!

Me? If I Visit, How Can I Help?

Everyone has something to share. Some things you can contribute while here:
— Share a small craft or sewing project.
— Computer knowledge
— Cook an American dessert
— Financial planning
— Construction skills
— Bible studies
— Children's Games or crafts
What Others Are Saying About this Ministry
  • Bob and Cathy Adams
    Monthly Supporters
    "Jeff and Yvonne have such a heart for the Ugandan people. Using the retirement time of their lives to serve there is an inspiration! They are changing lives."
  • Pastor Patrick Watmon
    Local Ugandan Church Pastor
    "Their ministry has impacted not only our church but our community at large. Through sewing many people are learning life skills to earn a living. Women and men are able to share their physical, emotional, and psychological problems, and receive counsel. The most beautiful thing in their ministry is that Yvonne and Jeff always walk along with the community letting people see Christ."
  • Sue Young
    "I love the compassion for people in Uganda that Jeff and Yvonne have. The way they immediately obeyed and left for Uganda after hearing God's direction just amazes me. They are great examples of how we all should search for and obey the Word of God.
  • Kit MacNee
    Financial Planner
    "Yvonne and Jeff are so courageous. They're sharing the love of Jesus halfway around the world. Forsaking the typical comforts of "retirement life," they're demonstrating the kind of love Jesus demonstrated during his life—action, love, and prayer. I am proud to support them and bring hope and healing to those who need it in Uganda."
  • Stephania Crowder
    Retired Educator, Supporter
    "The Lord has given Yvonne and Jeff a clear heart and desire to be a part of this Ugandan mission. In the short time they served in Uganda and as they continue to serve the Ugandan people from California (during COVID) their ideas see no bounds and that is exciting. It is my pleasure to walk alongside them in this endeavor."
Thank you to these organizations for support and guidance!
  • The Grove Community Church
    Riverside, California
  • Raincross Quilt Guild
    Riverside, California
  • POWER Ministry
    Riverside, California
  • Second Wave Recycling
    Federal Way, Washington