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Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein
Missionaries in Northern Uganda, Africa
Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein
Empowering Ugandans
We are Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein. Our passion is to help Ugandans discover God and learn marketable skills.
We believe that God has called us to show His love through building relationships and providing training to give Ugandans the tools to support themselves and their families.

Empowering Ugandans

One focus of Empowering Ugandans is to share God's love by teaching marketable skills that transform lives. Classes in computer skills and sewing are provided free-of-charge to adults in the community.

Generous supporters, mostly families and individuals, make it possible to provide the classes which are taught by Ugandans.

Graduates have found jobs so they can provide for their families and other loved ones. You have changed lives!

There are nine sewing machines in the Sewing Lab. Fourteen students graduate from this program every ten weeks.

The Computer Lab is home to fourteen laptops, a printer, and internet. Twenty-eight students complete the computer training every five weeks. They are taught typing skills, Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and internet research. One of the final products is a resume to assist with securing a paid job.

On Friday afternoon local schools are invited for an introductory lesson. There is also interest in holding a night class for working individuals.

Thank you to everyone who supports Empowering Ugandans. Lives have truly been changed!
Happy Ugandans rejoice over the provision of a reliable 9 passenger van.
Your faithful giving made it possible to purchase a 9 passenger van. The van provides safe and reliable transport to Anaka, Kitgum, and Adjumani where people from South Sudan live in refugee camps. It is an important part of outreach to provide life skills lessons, bible studies, and leadership training.

The van is also used daily by Gulu Bible Community Church to check on church members, transport people around town, and deliver food and supplies.

Fact: During the pandemic many lives were saved by the use of the van. Because it is identified with a non-profit organization, Gulu Bible Community Church, it was one of the few vehicles allowed on the streets during the pandemic. We used it to deliver food to families who had no other access to food.

Beyond Uganda
We value family. Our three adult children are busy and productive. Jonathan made the trip to Uganda to visit us in January 2020, and we look forward to to the time that we are able to show our home to Rachel and Jacob, too. Yvonne grew up in Southern California in a family of 6 children where she learned the love of God. We have hobbies. Jeff loves the outdoors, and has enjoyed introducing children living in the urban areas of Southern California to the wonders of nature through hiking and campfire programs. Yvonne is involved with her friends in the Raincross Quilt Guild. We love to volunteer. Jeff has volunteered for the Grove Church in the parking lot during church services and at The Corner Pantry, helping with the distribution of food boxes to those in need. Yvonne has been on the church's media team for nearly 20 years.

Provide Hope to Ugandans

You can impact the future of Northern Ugandans by providing opportunities for vocational and life skills training, showing the love of God, and providing hope for the future.