Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein

The Mission House

A Place to Find Hope

Activities at the Mission House

Easily accessible by foot or boda, The Mission House is a place of fellowship, learning, and hospitality. It houses the computer lab. and sewing studio, serves as a gathering place for small and large groups such as the Men of Honor from Gulu Bible Community Community, one of our partner churches. Youth gather for recreation, and women meet to sew and encourage each other.
Computer Lab
Learn 21st Computer Skiils
Young men and women learn essential skills to position themselves in the modern workplace.

Outdoor Sports
Young men from the community and church stop by to exercise and fellowship. Free weights, a weight bench, and ab roller are constantly in use.
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Help Provide Hope to Ugandans

You can impact the future of Northern Ugandans by providing opportunities for vocational and life skills training, showing the love of God, and providing hope for the future.