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A New Lockdown in Place, June 7, 2021

Exactly one month after we landed in Uganda, President Museveni announced the second nationwide COVID Lockdown.

Why? COVID cases have reached a troubling level in three of Uganda’s 135 districts, including Gulu where we live, and in Kampala about 6 hours south. The lockdown is a partial lockdown and is meant to prevent the spread of COVID into the less impacted areas.

Churches and schools are closed, a nationwide curfew is in effect, facemasks are required at all times, and vehicles may not travel between districts beginning June 10. Within districts other measures are in effect, including limiting the number of people on a worksite to 30% of capacity and no more than 3 people per vehicle.

This partial lockdown will last 42 days, but Museveni said if people do not follow lockdown measures the first week, he will implement a total lockdown. Evelyn, who we supported during the time we were in the US, talked today about how difficult the last year’s lockdown was for people she knew. She thanked us for carrying her through that time. She spoke about knowing people just a few miles away who were starving because no food was available. She talked about how the government said that they were going to help supply food, but then showed up with spoiled food; beans and flour filled with maggots, rotten eggs. She is frightened that the same thing will happen again.

Today Evelyn did a major shopping excursion. Last year, the prices for most items skyrocketed, so we stocked up on the basics. 50 KGs of Rice. 25 kgs of beans. 5 liters oil. Large quantities of sugar, salt, posho, soap.

Please pray for our friends. This is a difficult time in Uganda.

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