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Thank You For Your Support, "Music Video" Style

Martin Rwotomara is a young man we met a few months ago who is an amazing volunteer. We love him and his kind and hard working spirit. He is willing to do just about anything to help us, from spending days driving us around in a borrowed car searching for a new home, to running to the phone booth to load our phones with data. During the lockdown he is in our home in Uganda organizing food distributions from money donated by supporters here in the US.

There are two things I know Martin enjoys. I can tell he enjoys them because he does them whenever he can.

The first is video taping and editing. He is self taught, and it is fun to watch what he creates.

The second is saying "Thank you."
He says "Thank you" for anything and everything, from something as trivial as being handed a screwdriver in the middle of a job, all the way to knowing that someone had an impact on the people in his community.

He surprised us this morning with a gift: a text message that put his two favorite things together: a Thank You Music Video.

This is for you! It is his way of saying "Thank You" to everyone who changed lives in Northern Uganda by being a part of the Weinsteins2Uganda Team.

I hope you enjoy watching Martin sing his original song.
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