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How 2 Soccer Balls and 2 Jump Ropes Changed a School

Jeff and Jacob visited Pastor Edward Mosingi and a school he started in his village. They gave the gifts of 2 soccer balls and 2 jump ropes to the school. Such commonplace items. Our hearts were touched when we received this text from Pastor Mosingi:
Hi Papa Jeff and Mama Yvonne,
Thank you for changing our our children's lives. Boys love playing girls love skipping.

It was difficult to control them during break time and lunch time as some could escape and go back home. This stopped because of the play materials you gifted us with!!

GREAT thanks to you. The play materials have also greatly reduced absenteeism since SO many children love playing, they attend school regularly because of the foot ball and skipping ropes. The play materials have also encouraged socialism and teamwork. They guide each other when playing!!

Term one is soon coming to an end so here are our children writing End of term one examinations.
Thank you for the great support.
May the Almighty God bless abundantly.
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