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A New Van?

Travel to outlying areas in Uganda is rough. Heck, travel within the developed areas can be rough, too. Riding along in a cramped van over rough roads to visit people in Adjumani, an area near the South Sudanese refugee camps, is an adventure. You never know when the van might get stuck in the mud. Or when you might hit a pot hole so large to bounce high enough to hit your head on the ceiling of the van and see stars. 
But I'd do it everyday.
It means an opportunity to share love.
It means that I am right were I am supposed to be. 
It means that the ladies who have walked miles to the church from the villages with babies slung on their backs won't be disappointed by our last minute cancellation.
It means that they have an opportunity to fellowship, hear words of hope, and learn things that might just change their lives.
That is why we are raising $30,000 to buy a van for use in Uganda.
Not so that my head won't get bumped.  It still will.
But so that their lives, and their eternity, will be changed.

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