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The Evolution of My Blogs

During my blog history which began in 2003, I created blogs for a number of purposes each meant to segment different parts of my life. There was a blog I used to document an Earthwatch Fellowship "Costa Rican Coffee from Community to Cup" that I was awarded though the Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation (REEF) in 2009. .Another was for my role as librarian at Frank Augustus Miller Middle School. I abandoned it when the district started using another platform for communication, and our library had a homepage on the online catalogue that could be customized with links.

Still another was called Wobbly Librarian and took me through the season of my life that I experienced some challenges, including Meniere's Disease.

The blog that this post is part of is simply a continuation of The Weinsteins Go to Uganda blog that we began in March of 2019 in preparation for leaving for Uganda. Since we've finally set up this website which allows the incorporation of a blog, this will be the home of all future postings.

I hope you enjoy the new format of communication. Website and blog, all in one tidy place.

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