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My Goodness! Look at What You’ve Done!

Do you remember the Raincross Quilt Guild meeting back in 2019 when so many members presented donations to begin sewing classes in Northern Uganda? What a surprise! They sent me off in style with needles, thread, scissors, and so many other items necessary for hand sewing. I can assure you that they are still being used (and treasured) by women in villages and refugee camps throughout Uganda.

One ministry provides flannel which is sewn into sanitary pads. Many girls drop out of school when they begin having periods because sanitary napkins are almost unheard of, but Raincross Guild Members have made a difference. Now the girls can continue their education.
Would you like to keep girls from dropping out of school? Donate by clicking HERE:
Raincross Quilt Guild Members continue to bless my “Ugandan Family” with still more donations, including gifts of money for sewing machines and fabric. You might be among those who provide funds on a monthly basis. Thank you to each of you - you have been true life-changers and life-savers.

Words of thanks from Agenorwot Agnes Ool (Agnes) who teaches the sanitary pad gatherings, followed by photos from the recent class:
Thank you for the support you have given me, now it is a blessing to these young women. May the almighty God bless you and your families

Just keep on standing with me in prayers so that He may open more doors so that through this we may be able to reach out to many and Christ will be glorified.
Agenorwot Agnes Ool
"Everyone is holding up what they have cut." Agenorwot Agnes Ool
I" was showing them how to cut the material" Agenorwot Agnes Ool
"That's training on reusable sanitary pads each one was able to hand sew." Agenorwot Agnes Ool
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