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I Almost Stepped on a Humble Baby

Meet Joyce.and her sweet baby Wilma. They are the stars of the show.
Student Joyce holding sweet baby Wilma.
Student Joyce holding sweet baby Wilma.
I almost stepped on a humble baby.
It was a very close call!

Helping students on the first day of computer class, I lost track of how far I had backed up in the aisle. I was so startled and thankful the moment I looked away from the student and glanced down at the floor. I had stopped just one footstep shy of 2 month old baby Wilma, quietly asleep on a blanket on the hard tile floor

Something we absolutely, positively know from living in Uganda is this: we never know what is going to happen next. During our first day of computer class we had several surprises.

One surprise was beautiful Joyce, dressed in traditional Ugandan garb, who arrived early with her sleeping baby.

Martin, the instructor, decided to let her stay despite the agreement that children are not to attend class. But what's a mother to do when she is breastfeeding?

Besides, as Martin said to the class,"She is a humble baby. I can see she won't cause a disturbance." I wasn't positive but in context "humble" seemed to mean "quiet." Later Martin explained that humble was so much more than "quiet." Humble is subservient. Unassuming. Peaceful.
Wilma asleep. Notice the clear pathway between the teaching computer and peaceful Wilma - an accident waiting to happen!

Teacher Martin holding a "not-so-humble" Wilma while continuing to teach.

Martin spent part of the morning holding little Wilma while teaching. She wasn't humble for very long! Classes are three hours long, and the expectation that a baby would be humble throughout the entire class was unrealistic.

We praise God for an instructor who is sensitive enough to see the earnest desire of a young mom to learn computer skills.
We praise God that Martin doesn't mind holding a baby while teaching. 
We are thankful that the other students willingly pitched in when Martin needed a rest.
(And I thank God that I didn't step on Wilma!)

Each of you are offering encouragement, prayers, and financial gifts that touch Ugandans every day.

Thank you for changing the future of Ugandans by providing a computer lab and caring teacher. You have also built excitement in the community as the news spreads that more computers will arrive in May, building upon the ones given by members of The Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA. This will allow even more Ugandans to be equipped with marketable skills.

Thank you for caring.
You are making differences on the other side of the world.

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