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A Sweet Story of Success

Nancy and Dominic are a young married couple with three small children living in Gulu, Uganda. When we arrived to begin our ministry, they were barely making ends meet. He had left a teaching position to become a Pastor. She was caring for the family and household. He is energetic and outgoing. She is quiet, shy, and reserved.

Nancy was one of the first students in the sewing class at the Mission House. Learning to hand sew and use the treadle machines brought her joy. Her eagerness, talent, and skills for sewing were apparent from the beginning.

We contracted with Nancy to hand sew small purses. Over several months working at home and in the evenings, she completed hundreds of purses. They were brought to the US to be given as gifts and sold online to raise money to sustain the sewing classes.

A major goal of the sewing ministry is teaching marketable skills to allow self sufficiency. Nancy has used her new skills to earn an income for the family.


We also see a change in her confidence and attitude. Even now during the pandemic she is sharing her passion for sewing and her love of Christ with others. Once or twice a week she is part of an outreach team that visits local and outlying churches where she leads a Bible Study and gives sewing lessons. She is “paying it forward” so that others will have a foundation for a better life.

This is just one of the tangible stories of success from last year. There are also powerful stories about two young men who established a successful chicken raising enterprise, students who attended computer lessons to compete for jobs, and many young pastors who were welcomed with meals and a place to stay and food to eat while being trained to become more powerful leaders of their congregations.

The work at the Mission House in East Africa was made possible through generous support of our team. Thank you for your continued encouragement, prayers, and financial support during 2020.

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Lubanga Omed Ingum (May God Bless You in Acholi, the native language in the Gulu region of Uganda)

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