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Changing Marshmallows into Goats

!!! Reader Beware: Photos in this post include those of goats being prepared for cooking. Please do not read if these might be offensive to you.!!!

Jeff loves the outdoors, hiking, campfires and of course, making s’mores.

He wanted to share the experience of making s’mores with his friends in Gulu, so packed dozens of marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey bars into one of his 50 pound duffle bags. (No, the ingredients for the s'mores did not weigh 50 pounds)
The rest of the story is best told with actual text messages from the last few days.

Jeff to me:
Men of Honor are coming Friday and we will introduce them to roasting marshmallows and s’mores.
Godfrey made the fire pit today.

My comment:
Do you believe in miracles?
Water into wine.
Loaves and fishes.
Marshmallows into goats?

Jeff to me:
Just saw this post from Men of Honor. Had no idea we are roasting a goat 🐐

From the Chairman of Men of Honor:
Members, we are glad that on Monday we received back our Papa Jeff from the USA and it was so amazing. The chairman is hereby therefore informing all of us that the program for Friday's fellowship has been changed to a campfire at his home (Papa Jeff) which will start at 5pm and end at 8pm. Each member is now required to contribute to raise an amount of 81,600/= (only for cassava and other ingredients to spice the goat which has been offered by the church.

Plz this is serious, act and acknowledge.

My comment:
It gets better. Here is the invitation.
Pretty fancy, if you ask me!

Jeff to me:
First goat is being skinned in our backyard.
Goat 2 is next.

Jeff to me:
Dressed up for the goat roast!

A little later… Jeff to me:
Getting goat #2 ready for roasting

My Comments:
The following, including the news graphic, is a text from Men of Honor.
Don’t they have a great sense of humor?
Jeff to me:
I just received this text from Men of Honor:
"Things are getting better at Papa Jeff’s!"
Jeff to me:
Goat roast was a big success. About 25 men came. Message and discussion led by Benson. We didn’t eat until 9:30 (you know about the prep and cooking and talking taking a long time).
We did not do the s’mores.

My Note:
Jeff and Jacob were very touched by the goat roast celebration. Goat roasts are a big deal. The honor and affection displayed by the men of Gulu Bible Community Church were shown in abundance.
I am certain the s'mores making supplies will be used at another gathering.
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