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Sandra- From Bricklayer to Seamstress

There are so many people in Uganda who touch our hearts.
One is Sandra, a young woman hard at work in the hot sun, mixing mortar, loading bricks, and pushing them in a wheelbarrow. She was working alongside men, building a wall for the Mission House.
Sandra is a single mother taking odd jobs to support her family and pay for her children’s school fees.

Just 10 yards away were the sewing and computer classrooms in the Mission House. As she pushed the wheelbarrow back and forth in front of the classroom and the sewing machines, she was heartbroken. Sandra had been dreaming about learning to sew and starting a career in tailoring, but she could never afford the fee for lessons.
Classes at the Mission House are FREE, but Sandra was not aware of this. Free classes are not very common in Uganda.
Because of your support, students do not need to give anything except their best effort. They are even provided all the materials for projects and supplied food during a tea break.

We know you will enjoy the 90 second video that tells Sandra's story, including her happy ending, because of your support. She is currently a sewing student in our morning class.
You have changed her life.
Thank you for caring about the people of northern Uganda.

Apwoyo Matek!
Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein

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