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From Zero to 750 in a little more than 4 months!

We have some fun good news about the library at Hope of Glory Christian School in Uganda.

The library is now open!

It is so good to see a direct impact to students from what God, though you, is doing for students in the new library at their school in Gulu. This was the first day the library was open, which coincided with the beginning of their new term.
The school has gone from no library and zero books to a full library stocked with primary level books- all because of you! You made this possible by:

  • monthly support of our work;
  • a major donation for a new building;
  • an empty room in that building;
  • bookshelves, tables, and chairs sponsored by various individuals who wanted to see a library for students;
  • the African Library Project who provided 750 books;
  • Girl Scout Troop 144124 in Clute, Texas who held a book drive, and
  • a whole lotta work organizing and setting up the books by the students and staff at the school, (and Papa Jeff.)
Thank you again for the way you are making an impact in Uganda for eternity. I can't wait to get to heaven and see how providing a library pointed students to God.
From OumaBiden, Headmaster:
It's time for library!

From Jeff:
Wow! This looks great. I know this will be a blessing to the students.

From OumaBiden:
We are grateful Papa Jeff, for the blessings And support toward your development in Hope of Glory christian we pray that may God should continue protecting and blessings you abundantly

From Geoffrey, librarian and teacher:
Absolutely! Knowledge is power!
Thanks for the opportunity Papa Jeff and the team. More blessings!

From Pastor Martin:
Great to see our school library being used by the children, thanks to papa Jeff and mama Yvonne

From Yvonne:
This is wonderful and fills my heart with joy. I praise God for His provision.

Evelyn Onen, wife of Pastor Edwin Onen from Kitgum:
Blessings to our friends Papa Jeff and mama Yvonne, Long live.

Next step: finding a way to provide books for upper grade students. That would be so meaningful and such a blessing to even more students.
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