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Our Love Story of Uganda

Do you know when and how and why Jeff and I fell in love with Uganda? Funny thing, we know that many of our friends don't know what started us on our journey there.. Here is the story. We hope you enjoy reading it.:

The Weinstein's Story
In 2018 Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein were ready for retirement. Little did they know that monthly financial support for a young boy named Stephen in Uganda begun in 2008 would lead to a love affair with him and his country that would consume their whole lives.

Initial visits to Stephen and in his home country were a delight for Yvonne. The people have little, but their hearts are generous.
Yvonne and Stephen during a visit in 2013

She discovered that 41% live in poverty in Uganda, 73% are not connected to the electrical grid, and less than 36% even complete primary school.
Learning how they struggle with war, famine and disease was heartbreaking.

Through multiple visits to Stephen over the next decade, the Weinsteins watched him grow up, get the education he deserved and even enter trade school. But helping one young man only nurtured a growing desire to help many more.

In 2019 the Weinsteins gave in to a divine call and moved to Uganda! Jeff works with men, teaching and inspiring them to be leaders in their homes, businesses, and community. Yvonne shares her love for God through teaching, sewing, and quilting. They host a computer lab for classes, research, web design, and resume creation in partnership with their church.

With marketable skills and leadership ability, these Ugandans transform their culture. They live lives filled with hope, new energy, and a brighter outlook on life.

In a country where half the population is under fifteen, and infidelity is rampant, the Weinsteins, in their sixties and married for thirty-six years, are inspiring cultural change!

Yvonne, Stephen, and Jeff in 2019

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