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A Wheelchair for Apiyo

Greetings from Riverside!
Yes, in case you missed the news, we returned to Riverside July 9. Uganda is on a full lockdown due to a marked increase in COVID19 cases. We were not able to hold classes at the Mission House, nor were we able to travel for outreach. Although disappointed that we are not physically in Uganda, our work of sharing God's love is continuing.

A little girl who cannot walk, 6 year-old Apiyo, was noticed by our volunteer during a food distribution in a nearby village. Martin, the volunteer, told us about her. While we were trying to find a wheelchair to purchase for Apiyo, a surgeon saw a video of her crawling and believes an operation will allow her to walk, something she has never done before. The surgeon has offered to donate his services to operate on Apiyo.

Isn't that exciting? Isn't it amazing how God orchestrates things?

Martin Rwotomara, a tireless volunteer, documented the delivery of the wheelchair to Apiyo. Such jubilation!

The surgery cannot take place until after the lockdown ends. Apiyo and her mother will need to travel 6 hours south to Kampala for the surgery, which is not allowed during the lockdown. Funds are needed for travel, hospital expenses, lodging, and food. We have faith that the money will be available when needed.

Another exciting thing still happening is the way that people we know (and some strangers, too) have donated over $5,200 to get food to hungry Ugandans. People have not been able to travel to their farms, the market, or workplaces as a result of the lockdown.

We have been blessed to hear stories of moms who were putting children to bed hungry, uncertain if there was going to be anything to eat the next day. Food arrived just in time because of generous people who support us. The funds we normally use for ministry expenses while living in Uganda will be sent there to continue supporting the people.

If you would like to be a part of providing food to Ugandans during the lockdown, there are 3 ways. The first 2 do not provide a tax receipt, but are faster and a 10% administration fee is not deducted:

Via PayPal to mrsweinstein@fastmail.fm
Mail or deliver a check to Yvonne Weinstein, 5140 Monterey Rd, Riverside, CA 92506.
If you would like to receive a receipt for tax purposes: https://tinyurl.com/jeff-yvonne

Thank you for caring about us.
Thank you for caring about the people of Uganda.
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