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Food Purchased by Donations are Delivered by Boda

Generous people keep donating money for food for Ugandans who are being impacted by the harsh lockdown. We were able to deliver some food within 36 hours of being notified of the donations. Food was delivered to some homes on bodas (motorcycles). Here are some short video clips of people in a village receiving bags of posho (a staple of ground maize flour), beans, oil, and soap.
The videos were taken by Martin, a local school administrator who has been helping coordinate distribution. I hope you enjoy these very short video clips he prepared.

* Food deliveries being made on a boda though tall grass to huts. (32 seconds)
* A woman and her two children say thank you. (17 seconds)
* An elderly disabled woman celebrating the delivery of food. (50 seconds)

We are accepting donations for as long as there is a lockdown, which will be at least until the end of July. If you would like to help, email us at: yvonne@theweinsteins.org Thank you!
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