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A Huge Yam!

While we were in Adjumani a few days ago, the ladies honored me with the gift of the largest YAM I have ever seen. Always doing things in style, they presented it with much singing and dancing.

The two short videos posted here were shot by Pastor John Bosco, the father of the baby named after me. The first shows the beautiful ladies singing and dancing in a line to surprise me with the yam. The words of the song mean "Jesus is our happiness. He is with us today."

In the second, the ladies are gracefully exiting the building with me, the clueless old white woman, bringing up the rear and attempting to fit in.
To be honest, I considered not posting the exit video. It is not too flattering, but that's me. And it cracked me up! I hope you laugh, too.
It so fun to see the the reactions of the ladies who are onlookers!.

Several languages are spoken in Adjumani. The second song is in three languages (Madi, Kuku, and Lou) and are telling different tribes that we are all one in Jesus.

As far as the yam, we cooked part of it this morning. Its consistency and taste are similar to a russet potato. I ate some for lunch with butter.

The yam before it is cut.
The Yam before it is cut.

Yam is washed but not peeled, then put in boiling water. The yam absorbs water while boiling, so additional boiling water is added from the tea kettle while the yam cooks.

While still warm, the cooked yam is peeled and cut into smaller chunks.

Smaller pieces are put on plates for serviing.

Add a little butter and a sprinkle of salt..

Take the yummy lunch back to the computer and enjoy lunch while creating this blog.
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