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The Wheels on the Van go Round and Round!

Thank You!

Generous friends, family members, strangers, and 2 organizations (Power Ministries and The Kiwanis CLub of Riverside) donated a total of $30,000 for the purchase of a van for use in our ministry in northern Uganda. Just days before we returned to Uganda on May 5th the final funds were donated. God's plans and timing are always perfect.

We sent a team from Gulu Bible Community Church to Kampala, about a 6 hour drive away from where we live in Gulu. to negotiate for the purchase. We wanted to stay as far away as possible, since things are always more expensive if purchased by Mzungu (white people).

GBCC staff members are thrilled with the new vehicle and the possibilities for safe and dependable ministry travel. Features added to the van include a large roof mounted luggage rack, a ladder to access the roof, metal guards on the front and rear to protect the lights, a first aid kit, and fire extinguisher. We are now ready for all types of road conditions and adventures.

Thank you everyone who contributed to the purchase of the van, and for serving the Lord with us in Uganda. You are a true blessing!
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